Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Lion Rugby

So this is the third time I've written on this post, I hope they stick this time.

This game was against the second placed team (the team behind us) so it was quite important.  A win would secure the league.

These are all entirely out of order, so you have to imagine them being replaced.

I'm a bit muddy so I guess this is later in the game?  I don't really know but it looks like a slow jog kind of day.

The height/weight discrepency here is immense, so this little fella' didn't stand a chance.

I think this is the second time I went past him in the first half.

That angry face.

I don't know why I'm sticking my arm out here, but I'm definitely going to be tackled.

This might be the first try of the game?  Let's just pretend it is.

This might be the second one, who really knows at this point.

This is the second half, and the only break I made of that period.  I probably made a hundred metres this game, including both scores.

This is the one tackle the little winger managed on me - I took the ball at head head with no momentum.  He could have probably intercepted the ball, it came so slowly.

This is a picture in the buildup to one of the tries.  I really don't remember which one.

This is the precursor to the tackle above.

This one looks pretty far out, but I don't know where it is or what the leadup was.

It's like a slideshow!

This is a cool side-on shot of the guy I hand off.  Once again I look pretty angry for some reason.

Whenever I put my head down to run my hair immediately goes up to look more intimidating... or something.  Maybe it's like those dynamic fins on modern sports cars.

This ball was completely awful, but luckily I'd positioned outside their last defender so had a clean run to the line (with one defender to beat, if you can call that clean).

The leadup to one of the tries.

This might be a duplicate...

This one looks pretty cool.

Look how far away from the try-line I am, yet I appear to be falling to put it down.

The ministry of funny walks.

The ministry of funny hair.

I really like this picture, it looks like a proper try!

I think prior to this picture, I actually had some fingers in his mouth.  Ewwwwww.

And I include this picture because you can see the factory in the background, it's a serious company making a serious number of goods!

I've got some climbing pictures for the next post, so check back next week or so.