Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Barakiyama Myoukouji

So this is a local temple - the name being that of the title.

I took an awful lot of pictures but only a few came out worth the time to view.  Obviously I took them in colour, but for some reason I can't stop making them black and white.  I think they look infinitely better.

This first one is absolutely my favourite.  It's one of my favourite pictures full stop; although the few people that have seen it are only lukewarm towards it.

Both of these pictures are of the same statue, the drinking/cleansing fountain at the entrance to all Japanese temples tend to have an interesting ornament, often somehow including the water itself (a fountain head, for example).

I've been to this place a couple of times and there are always fresh flowers at the entrance.  The one downside of black and white is that you can't see colour; amazingly enough.  Not so great with flowers.

As a side-note, it snowed the other day so I made a little video.


  1. top picture is best

  2. OK - so the top picture is obviously best - the sky is awesome at that size - but then you want to see more detail so you make the picture bigger and you get more detail which is awesome but then the sky's not so good...

  3. I honestly don't think the sky is all that important, it's the detail in the elephant head things that draws me to that picture. Admittedly, it's the detail contrasted with the whispiness of the clouds that allows the heads to stand out, but I can't get excited over the sky by itself.

    I think the answer to getting the best of both worlds is to make the picture as big as you can, then take a step back!

  4. the detail is important but the sky is too - it's the contrast or something, so there